Frequently Asked Questions

What is reflective striping?

Reflective striping is added to shirts, pants, coveralls and other garments to make the wearer more visible to those around them. We use durable, high-quality reflective material that make objects in low-light conditions easier to see when illuminated by a light source.

How much striping is needed on garments?

We recommend striping in multiple locations for 360° visibility. Some industries, such as construction, utilities and towing, have more hazards due to their proximity to the roads. Striping should be visible on the arms, legs and torso – all around the garment. Please see the Stripe Locations page for more information.

I only have a few uniforms that need striping right now. Is there a minimum order?

We do not have minimum orders. Whether you need one piece or 1,000 pieces, we are ready to provide you with excellent service! takes pride in having a fast turnaround time. We know that while your uniforms are here, they are not in your stock room – so we aim to return them quickly so they can be of service to you and your customers.

What is the turnaround time?

Orders are shipped within 5-7 business days from receipt, depending on the size of the order.

Do we have to supply the garments, or can we purchase them from you?

Most customers supply their own garments; however, we also purchase from top manufacturers in the industry on a weekly basis. Contact our Customer Service team to obtain a quote for the shirts, pants, coveralls, safety vests or any other garments you need.

Can you add our company logo to the garments?

Yes! We do embroidery, sewing and heat pressing in house. We use both regular thread and FR (flame resistant) thread when applicable. We can also hem pants and coveralls that are too long, or convert long-sleeve to short-sleeve. Please contact our Customer Service team if you require these services.

Can I add striping to vests and other garments not shown on your website?

We can add striping to any garment, depending on the makeup of the garment. Please utilize the closest match when selecting a garment (i.e., select short sleeve shirt for a vest) and leave us a note in the Order Instructions area.

How many washes before the striping begins to fade?

The reflective material is good for 50 industrial laundry washes (according to 3M standards).

How quickly can I get a sample?

We will produce your sample within 24 hours of receipt of the garments, or your sample is free!

How do I start my order?

We will be happy to walk you through our easy order process. Please fill out and submit the New Account form to get established, then contact our Customer Service team to schedule a quick training session.

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